after watching the winter soldier (finally), i’ve discovered my main attraction in the movie was directed towards chris evans’s nice butt.

'Cause you post lots of gorgeous Gen photos/gifs.

oh gosh uqhekajormwotjpsnwlf !!!!!! thank you!! :)

Followed you for Carrie, I think?! But well Wildfire!!!!!!!!! Totally stuck and will never go away, no matter what you do LOL

I REMEMBER WHEN YOU DID oh goodness I haven’t blogged carrie in so long what is wrong with me but dishing out wildfire like it’s my true calling in life

I follow you because Wildfire was the first show I was ever 100% in love with. I never missed a single episode. Your blog reminds me of a good point in my life where I was really happy. Your krunior gifs make my day :) I'm happy to know there's someone else out there who never wants this show to die. Thank you so much for existing!!!! :)))

oh gosh I’m really glad I can do that for you. That actually makes me really happy!! If my blog is being used for good then aldkabdjskajdb!!!!!!

Hey beautiful! I came to your blog because of all the beautiful wildfire posts, and I stayed because you are awesome! :) and well....I'll never be over wildfire so I have to get my fix from your perfect blog

albdkwbrkkqjsbwj YOU GUUUUUUUYS making me bluuuuuush I LOVE YOU GUYS

if i dont have ryan sypek at my front door for my brithday my trust issues with everyone will heighten

i followed you because i don't think i could find anyone more kind or as passionate about wildfire than you in the entire world. the gifs and edits you make are wonderful as well, and i couldn't ever dream of unfollowing you.

kayla omg WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS THE SWEETEST HUMAN ily so much it’s ridiculous

tbh i don't remember why i started following you but you're really fucking amazing and that's why i never stopped

I LOVE YOUUUUUUUU never leave me im too attached

I follow you bc you are a perfect person. Actually your blog let me know it was okay to blog what I really wanted and just you re-opened my love of wildfire! I always thought the fandom was dead but even though it's small, I'm glad it's still exists and I'm glad you're my friend because of it. <3

people are always like wildfire ended so many years ago and [junior Davis alien coice] DONT CAAAAAAARRRRRRE, NOT LISTENIIIIIIING

if it’s up to me, aaa long as im around the fandom will never die. ILYYYYYYY